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The Sutton Theatre Co.


The Sutton Theatre Company was bizarrely formed back in 1981 by the Bishop Sutton School PTA and village cricket club to raise funds for...well, we're not quite sure for what as it's sort of got lost in the mists of time now!  However, the reasons aren't important today - what matters is that they did.

Since then we have produced countless shows - traditional pantomimes, revues, one act plays and maybe most notably in recent years some outstanding original musical comedies.  We have a thriving membership - with a few of the original cast from the first production of Sleeping Beauty still treading the boards today.

We're an inclusive bunch - we welcome everyone and don't believe in auditions;  if you're keen to be involved then we will always find a place for you.  We strive constantly to provide the best entertainment possible, which above all is fun for both our members and you, our audience

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